You make me want...

I like men. Their hands, but more so their mouth and their eyes. They just have to want me to make me laugh. It’s all about the excitement at that moment, the feeling on the skin, short sensations. I meet people in an intense state of mind, in the rhythm of my heartbeat. That’s when I lay down, that my spirit starts to fly… Being an escort is for me a way to be loved and recognized by men.

I’m a natural happy person. My hair and make up always done, seductive, desired, loved. I’m proud of my talent.

I very well know the difference between true love and instinct desire. Who can truly think they can only love one body in their lifetime ? Passion isn’t exclusive. No man can reduce his appetite to only one partner. So do it ! Let the desire guide you and only see the happiness. We only live once, right ?

You want me...

Absolutely confidential pleasure without consequences ! Unsuspected, I would never wear any strong cologne or heavy make up. I would remain discret, chic but more importantly sweet.

I’m an independant escort. I started about 14 years ago and was totally seduced by it. It would always be a real pleasure. It would always be a real pleasure.