You make me want...

I like men. Their hands, but more so their mouth and their eyes. They just have to want me to make me laugh. It’s all about the excitement at that moment, the feeling on the skin, short sensations. I meet people in an intense state of mind, in the rhythm of my heartbeat. That’s when I lay down, that my spirit starts to fly… Being an escort is for me a way to be loved and recognized by men.

I’m a natural happy person. My hair and make up always done, seductive, desired, loved. I’m proud of my talent.

You are certainly a well-adjusted individual, as the majority of the people I meet. Maybe you are married or involved in a long-term relationship. Although providing many other advantages, these types of bonds are often based on the repetition of a relatively uniform sort of sexuality. I make it my mission to fire up our meeting by trying new positions. I am part of those few individuals who ignore the customs to deliberately follow their erotic preferences.

Discover my Girl Friend Experience

If you want me make you feel like there is no other place you would rather be in that moment in time, I suggest you to try the Girl Friend Experience (GFE), which is by far my favourite service. It entails affection, conversation, and more generous amounts of time together.

During the meeting, foreplays are typically longer, multifaceted, and more reciprocal. I start with simple lip kissing before extending to a deep kissing, which may involve more or less extensive tongue contacts. Once mouth erotism is developed to a considerable degree, we are usually well connected. After this prolonged period of arousal, we can start petting. Let me undress you. When I am on my knees, your hands will grab at my brown hair, as you feel the naughty skills I possess with my tongue. To derive the full value of your experience, you must not only pay me, but must also provide me with sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy. Thus, you co-create value. The resulting encounter is more romantic and intimate than purely sexual in nature.

The GFE is based on show of affection during the pre-coital play. However, be careful. The deeper connection between us can make us forget that our relation is bound by the duration of the encounter. You and me will do our best to avoid spoiling the vibe by blurring the boundaries between commercial erotism and social relationship.