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A meeting is primarily a personal moment, which corresponds to your needs. The time you choose will be fully spent together. I will never allow me to shorten the appointment. Diva libertine, wonderful creature with alluring shapes, I caress your days and nights with an upscale escort service although occasional…

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In front of me sat Venus. Not a missus who, under this name, would have declared war to the opposite sex as Cleopatra, but the Goddess of Love in person, warm blood and throbbing pulse.

Sitting in a chair, she fanned a crackling fire. The reflection of its red flames licked her green face pale and his white feet when she approached it to the fire, trying to warm it.

His head was beautiful despite her stone lifeless eyes. His magestic had wrapped his marble's body in a large fur and she was curled up in the manner of a cat. She shivered.

Léopold Von Sacher-Masoch
Extract from The Venus in Fur

Meet me in my private flat in Hove...

Private appartment 10 minutes walking from Hove station.

  • Parking space zone N
  • Bus stop: Eaton road
  • Tisbury road is residential parking only.
  • Tesco has a free parking if you buy something before leaving.